What are your areas of service?

We currently serve East 80's to East 60's but are growing!

Do you do solo walks?

Of course!  Let us know for how long and how the time should be spent.  With every solo walk, you will receive an email with a daily doggy diary and photo of your happy pup in action. 

Do you do doggy jogs?

Indeed, we do individual dog jogs.  Whether your friend could stand to lose some weight or just needs to release some energy, dog jogs improve their well being and provide dogs a runners high (it's true)!  Includes doggy diary and photo with each dog job.

What if my dog has special needs?

We will take extra special care of your dog, including administering oral medication.

Are you insured?  Are you bonded?

Yes!  We are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Are you flexible with scheduling?

We will do our best to accommodate any last minute requests or changes to a scheduled service.

Will the same dog walker be walking my pet each day?

Not unless requested, but there's only 2 main walkers at this time.  We would never pair a pooch up with someone they are uncomfortable with.

Do you board pets at your home?

Yes (and no).  We will consider small, house-trained, sweet tempered dogs.  But we have dogs of our own that must get along with yours. (We all have bosses)

Do you do overnight pet sitting at my apartment?

Yes and your pet will be sooooo happy to have someone around while you are away.  We will also take in mail, water plants, etc.  This also includes: an early AM and night time walk and feeding plus daily email and photo letting you know how your pet is doing.  We know how much you miss them!

Will you take my pet to the groomer?  The vet?

Yes to both.  We'll happily take your pet to their appointment so you can get on with your life. 

How will I know how my pet is doing?

With each daily solo walk or dog jog, you will receive an email and photo letting you know how (and what) they did.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, check and paypal.

Why is there a 2-hour window for walk times?

Due to the complex and ever-changing schedules of our clients and the challenges of maneuvering through NYC in all weather conditions, we reserve a two-hour window around the time of your scheduled walk.   For instance, if your dog is scheduled for 2pm walk, you can expect your walker will arrive sometime between 1pm and 3pm. This allows us to manage constantly varying schedules, Mother Nature, toweling and dressing dogs on rainy or snowy days, travel time between clients, and elevators that occasionally take longer to come than taking the stairs.